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Airzone – Company Formation Consultants in Dubai & Across UAE

Your Ultimate Business Setup Advisor

We can help you find the right business setup partners in the UAE to start your business within 24 hours. Our service connects you directly to your ideal partner and helps make your startup dreams come true.

Airzone’s Business Setup Consultation

Airzone’s Business Setup Consultation

The UAE is a dynamic and exciting place to do business. Airzone is the perfect resource to find detailed company formation guides and trusted business formation service providers. We understand the ins and outs of business formation. Our network of trusted company formation consultants and advisors can help you prepare all the paperwork, acquire trade licenses, and open corporate bank accounts.

What Business Setup Option Is Best for Your Business?

Free Zones
  • Maintain complete control over your company.
  • A tax rate of 0% on your income.
  • No custom duties applied.
  • Free to retain 100% of your wealth and earnings.
  • Business activities are not restricted.
  • Operate business activities both inside and outside of the country.
  • No limitation on the total number of visas that can be applied for.

Get Help With Every Step of Your New Business Registration

Why do all the hard work when you can hire experts? Airzone can connect you with dependable partners who can aid you with registering a new company and acquiring a Dubai trade license or Free Zone license in the United Arab Emirates. While you concentrate on your business plan, Airzone brings you in contact with the relevant experts to handle everything from the visa application process to crucial administrative duties.

How Can Airzone Help You Find a Best-Fit Business Formation Service Provider?

Your UAE Business Setup Matchmakers



Submit your business request details to Airzone.



We will survey our best-fit service providers and source the three companies most interested in your project.



We will provide these service providers with your details to contact you directly on an urgent basis.



Our business setup partners are expected to contact you within 1-3 days of your business form submission or shortlist a consultation call.

Company Formation Consultants in UAE

From helping you choose the right business structure and obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, Airzone’s credible company formation service providers can help. Our network of dependable partners can help you grow your company today.

Business Formation Consultancy / Advisory

We pride ourselves on having the most qualified company formation partners in Dubai to help you kickstart your company formation process within just 24 hours.

Company Registration in UAE

Airzone is the leading provider of detailed company registration guides in the UAE, with years of experience in the industry. Also, Airzone’s trusted business formation experts make it easy for businesses to register quickly and easily in Dubai.

Trade Licenses in UAE

With our years of experience and expertise, we can help you navigate the complex process of getting a trade license in the UAE. When we help you match with the right business formation partners, we’ll ensure everything is done correctly and efficiently, so you can get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Investor Visa in UAE

With our expertise, we’ll ensure that your trade license application stands the best chance of being approved through our helpful guides and trusted partners. Our network of company formation service providers knows the ins and outs of the UAE’s regulatory requirements, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Free Zone Company Formation in UAE

Airzone offers company formation assistance in the UAE that is hassle-free. We’ll help you get in touch with a range of company formation experts within 24 hours that offer tailor-made packages to suit your business needs.

Business Bank Account in UAE

To be able to establish and run a business in the UAE, you’ll need to open a corporate bank account. Our partners will make sure all the necessary documentation is in order. They’ll make it easy for you to open a bank account in the UAE in no time.

Our Story

Airzone is the brainchild of start-up owners who started their businesses in the UAE. Knowing the ins and outs of the UAE’s lucrative business landscape, we’ve helped 5k+ entrepreneurs get started here already. Let us guide what steps are right for YOUR company formation needs.

Why Choose Us?

Airzone is proud of its trusted partner network of seasoned business setup professionals. Our partners will help you navigate the UAE’s business landscape and get your company registered and licensed. You save time and money while our partner relieve you from the lengthy process. Airzone’s seasoned business setup partners have helped entrepreneurs set up their multi-million dollar companies from scratch. Get in touch with us and our business setup partners will kickstart your company formation process in UAE in under 24 hours.

Find Out Why Over 5,000 Entrepreneurs Have Entrusted Their Business With Us

FAQs About Airzone

Is Airzone a service provider?

Airzone can help you partner with a suitable business setup company. From finalizing the company name to legalities and final approval – our selected business setup companies can easily streamline the process of establishing your company in UAE.

How Airzone can help you start your business in the UAE?

Airzone can help you connect with a partner business setup company that can assess your business needs. The business setup company can provide all the details about licensing, documentation, and legal aspects of setting up a  company in UAE free zone or mainland.

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