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SAIF Zone Company Formation

We Can Help You Find the Right Business Setup Partners to Help You Start Your Business in SAIF Free Zone Within 24 Hours

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The UAE offers well over 45 free zones that are quickly becoming beacons of global trade fueled by the growth of startups and SMEs situated within these economic zones. From exclusive financial benefits to leading-edge business infrastructures, entrepreneurs will find an array of business services, facilities, land, and infrastructure to facilitate their business. 

The SAIF Zone is one of the most popular free zones in the UAE that offers immense advantages for new businesses. Apart from its amazing location that connects with both the seaport and airport, the zone is connected to major attractions, amenities, and Dubai city by road. 

In addition to that, for manufacturing, assembling, packaging, import, re-export, and international trade, SAIF Zone offers specialized facilities. The Free Zone provides investors with a variety of value-added services, including an on-site bank, logistics support, internal customs checks, and more.

Our guide sheds light on how to start a business in the SAIF Zone. We’ll talk more about the benefits of locating in the zone, its business registration process, the documents needed, and how Airzone can help you accomplish this process quickly and with ease. 

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

How to Setup Business in SAIF Free Zone?

The SAIF free zone authority claims to offer the fastest onboarding process for prospective businesses and entrepreneurs. You can get a license and permit within 1 hour of registration thanks to the single-window approach followed in this economic zone. 

Here are the 7 steps you need to follow:

Step 01–Send the company formation application to the relevant free zone or Sharjah’s Department of Economic Development.

Step 02–Draft the company’s articles of incorporation, the shareholder resolution, and the local service agent agreement (For Mainland).

Step 03–Send the necessary documentation and license payments to the authorities.

Step 04–Ask the concerned authorities for the trade license.

Step 05–Contact the Ministry of Labor to request an establishment card for the business.

Step 06–Subsequently, submit applications for employee and resident visas.

Step 07–Apply for other approvals, such as customs registration, and open a corporate bank account.

Document Requirements for Company Formation in the SAIF Zone

The SAIF Zone application process is generally very efficient and requires minimal documentation from businesses. Here is the prescribed list of important documents required for company formation in the SAIF Zone: 

1. Completed Application form

2. Business Summary

3. Passport copies of owners/managers

4. Certificate of incorporation/registration

5. Memorandum and Article of Association or equivalent

6. Board resolution to open a branch in the SAIF Zone 

7. Power of Attorney appointing the person(s) in charge

Business Setup Cost in SAIF Zone

The Sharjah Airport free zone offers one of the most attractive business setup costs with packages available for startups, SMEs, and larger corporations. The SAIF authority also routinely offers promotions for new businesses and startups. 

The business packages are an excellent option for new businesses to register in the Sharjah Airport free zone. Here are some important costs you should expect when starting a new company:

Office Packages 

  • Office LicenseAED 13,700 (Includes license fee, shared desk, utilities, and 3 Visas)
  • Executive Office LicenseAED 15,700 (Includes dedicated office space, utilities, license fee WAIVED OFF, and 5 Visas) 
  • Suit PackageAED 28,700 (Includes dedicated furnished office space, utilities, license fee WAIVED OFF, and 8 Visas)

The SAIF Zone is home to remarkably equipped warehouses that are available in 125sqm, 250sqm, 400sqm, and 600sqm spaces. The zone also offers cost-efficient ready-to-use office spaces, while two premium customizable office space options are also available. 

If you are looking for a high-potential startup location, the Sharjah Airport International free zone is a great opportunity designed to facilitate SMEs. Equipped with world-class essentials including a leading IT infrastructure, storage spaces, industrial land, and office facilities the SAIF Zone offers new businesses the gateway to reach almost 3 billion customers.  

What are the Benefits of Starting a Business in the SAIF Zone?

The SAIF Zone offers business owners brilliant benefits together with tax benefits, complete ownership, flexible recruitment rules, and the experience of hosting businesses for well over 20 years. The Sharjah Airport Internation free zone offers you the following competitive benefits:

  • 100% foreign ownership 
  • 100% profit repatriation 
  • Zero Income & Corporate Taxes 
  • 100% exemption on imports and exports 
  • Connected with highway networks to airports, seaports, and UAE cities
  • A leading-edge industrial, commercial, and residential infrastructure 
  • On-site custom clearance
  • Technologically enhanced warehouses 
  • Different sizes of land for development 
  • Facilities customized for businesses 
  • A huge community of businesses to collaborate with 
  • 24/7 emergency services 
  • Banks & money exchanges 
  • Immigration & Customs Office 
  • On-site staff accommodations 
  • ISO 9001 Certified 

Best Businesses to Start in SAIF Zone

The SAIF Zone offers a wide variety of business opportunities. Some of the most popular businesses to start in the SAIF Zone include:

  • Information technology services 
  • Business Consultancy 
  • Freight Forwarding & Shipping 
  • E-Commerce solution providers 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Processing facilities 
  • Jewelry manufacturing 
  • Packaging services 
  • Assembling 

Business Activities Allowed in SAIF Zone

The SAIF free zone offers a diverse range of activities that businesses can conduct. These include industrial businesses like manufacturing or packaging, service businesses like financial consultancy, and trading businesses like goods importers. 

Just to give you an idea, depending on the type of license you acquire in the SAIF Zone, the businesses that you can conduct may include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Processing
  • Business Consultancy
  • Shipping & Freight Forwarding
  • E-commerce
  • Assembling
  • Jewelry Manufacturing

Alternative SAIF Free Zones

FAQs About SAIF Zone Business Setup

What Is Sharjah Airport International Free Zone?

The Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, commonly termed the SAIF Zone, was developed almost 2 decades ago in 1996 to serve as a multipurpose hub for both commercial and residential use.

Renowned for permitting the widest range of business activities among the many UAE free zones, SAIF was built to enhance business potential through its excellent location. The free zone is now home to almost 9000 companies from over 160 countries.

Do I Need to Have a Local Sponsor to Start My Business in SAIF Zone?

The SAIF authority offers 100% foreign ownership of companies and does not require a local sponsor to start a business.

How Many Days Would It Take To Get My License for My Business in SAIF Zone?

The given timeline for license processing is 7 days, while the zone authority claims applications can be processed as quickly as 1 hour.

Can I Transfer My Company From SAIF Zone to Another Free Zone in the UAE?

No, transferring your company from one free zone to another in the UAE is not currently possible. The existing license must be canceled to move to a new free zone, and a new one must be acquired from the other economic area. Another way to locate within another emirate’s free zone is by establishing a branch of your existing business.


How Airzone can help you setup Business in SAIF Zone?

Starting a new business in a free zone can be complex and time-consuming for a new entrepreneur. At Airzone we make your journey easier by offering a detailed knowledge base to guide you through the entire process of establishing a business in the UAE. 

As a leading expert in company formation in the UAE, we can help you find the right business formation partners who can help you acquire all the necessary licenses and open bank accounts to ensure that you can start a business without encountering any hurdles. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about starting a new business in the UAE. If you’re interested in starting a business in some other free zone aside from SAIF Zone, we suggest you check out our detailed company formation guides on free zones in the UAE