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Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone Business Setup

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Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone (also known as Khalifa Port FTZ) is a trade, logistics, and manufacturing hub. Khalifa Port FTZ, inaugurated on December 12, 2012, by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, is a true showcase of the UAE’s engineering expertise.

In response to the growing worldwide demand for Free Zones, Abu Dhabi Ports has established the Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone (KPFTZ) within the Khalifa Industrial Zone, which is set to become the future of trade in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. 

Through its agreements with all key government entities within the emirate of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa Port FTZ takes pride in its multitude of business setup options that expedite registration and licensing processes.

As a supplement to the entire value proposition of the industrial zone, the Free Zone also offers executive offices, flexible workstations, and specialized hot desks.

The Free Zone, which is fully connected with Khalifa FTZ, offers significant tax reductions from VAT as well as various import and export taxes.

The thriving economy and expanding infrastructure make it an ideal destination for businesses looking to set up or expand operations. In this article, we will explore the benefits of doing business in the KPFTZ and provide you with all the information you need to get started.

How to Set up a Business in KPFTZ?

How to Set up a Business in Khalifa Free Zone?

Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone assures that the majority of licenses are issued within a week of receipt of the completed application, payment, and all applicable papers through a streamlined and efficient registration and licensing process. 

To set up a business, first, whoever intends to open a business in the Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone will need to pick a name for their company and decide on the type of business they intend to operate. Afterward, you must apply for a business license and choose a place for your headquarters.

Types of Licenses in Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone:

Following are the types of  Licenses available in the KPFTZ.

  1. Industrial License
  2. General Trading License
  3. Service License

Required Documents for Setting up Business in Khalifa Port FTZ

Following is a list of paperwork that is required to form an LLC company in the Khalifa Free Zone:

  • Submission of an Application for Registration and Licensing
  • A business plan
  • Information on the shareholders
  • Information Regarding the Ultimate Beneficial Owner
  • A copy of each director’s, manager’s, and secretary’s valid passport is required.
  • NOC from the sponsor of the resident visa at the present time (for the Manager only)
  • Form of Identification for the Registry – Individual (Specimen Signature)
  • The proposed Limited Liability Company’s Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, notarized and legalized

FAQs About Is Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone?

Is Khalifa Port a Free Zone?

Yes, Khalifa Port is the largest Free Zone area in the United Arab Emirates, which offers successful opportunities for investors and businessmen from all around the world.

How many Free Zones are there in Abu Dhabi?

There are five Free Zones in Abu Dhabi, each catering to a distinct set of industries and markets.

    1. Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ)

    1. Khalifa Industrial Zone (KIZAD)

    1. Masdar Free Zone City

    1. Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADG)

    1. Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD)


The KPFTZ is 100 square kilometers in size. This Khalifa Free Zone was established in November of 2016. The construction of this Free Zone near Khalifa Port is aimed at attracting investors from all over the world to Abu Dhabi. It has become more popular over time because of the passage of time.

The ultra-modern deep-water port of Khalifa Port, which is now under construction to accommodate the largest ships, serves the free trade zone. To facilitate the simple import and export of finished items and hefty raw materials, this will be a useful tool.

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