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Fujairah Creative City Free Zone Company Formation

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The UAE government is consistently creating new business opportunities for foreign investors to diversify from its petroleum-based heritage. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor ranked the UAE 1st among 47 countries in their Global Entrepreneurship Index 2022 for its support for starting new businesses.

The UAE government aims to enhance entrepreneurship in the region, expecting a market capitalization of $1 billion for startups. UAE free zones offer some excellent benefits, especially their strategic location sitting at the junction of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. 

If you are a progressive entrepreneur looking to start a new business in the UAE, you’ve landed at the right place we’ll take a look at how to start a business in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone in this blog. Our guide overviews important questions about the FCC free zone and why it is the go-to location to start your free zone business.

Fujairah Creative City

How to Setup Business in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone?

This free zone offers a fast-tracked process to acquiring a license that usually takes between 3 to 5 days. The process of registration and license application is remote, so you can conveniently collect all documents and apply from anywhere. The step-by-step business setup process is as follows: 

Step 01 – Decide the business activity

Decide the business activity your company will conduct and prepare a business project plan. The project plan is a core requirement from the UAE authorities when you apply for a license and register a company name. Airzone offers critical knowledge and partner connections that can assist you to develop a streamlined project plan.   

Step 02 – Choose a company name and register it

Choose a company name and register it with the FCC free zone authority. The relevant authorities and the UAE government offer guidelines to name businesses, ensuring that offensive and disturbing words are not part of a company name.  

Step 03 – Determine the number of visas you will need

The third step is important as this is where you determine the number of visas you will need and what type of office space your business will require. Usually, Fujairah Creative City offers excellent business packages that include visa quotas, office spaces, and a trading license. 

Step 04 – Consult with a UAE business formation expert

Consult with a UAE business formation expert or advisor to ensure your application is complete and the documents required are in order. Airzone’s trusted network of company formation service providers can provide comprehensive advice and consultancy to make sure you are securing the correct license for your business plan.  

Step 05 – Register your business and apply for a trading license

Register your business and apply for a trading license. Once all documents are ready it is time to apply online for a company name, and a trading license that you will operate under. The process usually takes 3-5 days after which you can collect your authorizations from the free zone authority in addition to an online version. After you get your trade license, you can apply to open a corporate bank account.

Document Required for Company Formation in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

Before you proceed with the registration and license applications, there are some essential documents required for business setup in Fujairah creative city that you should have ready. 

These include:

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association for the company
  • A detailed business plan
  • Copies of the passports of the shareholders
  • Passport copies of directors
  • A form for applying for a license

Company Formation Cost in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

Company formation in Fujairah creative city is considerably cheaper compared to its competing free zones across the UAE. A basic business package in the free zone costs AED 11,000 with a virtual desk and no visa quota. 

Investors can also choose from other packages including the 1 visa plan for AED 15,000, the 6 visa plan for AED 21,000, and the 15 visa plan for AED 27,000. To find out more about the costs of investing in the FCC free zone visit our exclusive cost calculator

Business Activities Allowed in Fujairah Creative City

Fujairah Creative City was developed to facilitate the development of the service-based industries we mentioned earlier. The FCC free zone offers only professional licenses and facilities and allowed activities include: 

  • Broadcasting
  • Media & Marketing
  • Publishing
  • Event Management
  • Media Support Services
  • Consultancy
  • New Media Services
  • Business Information
  • Production
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Information technology
  • Design
  • Education

What are the benefits of Starting a Business in the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone?

Like other competing UAE free zones, the Fujairah Creative City free zone offers very appealing benefits for business investors, including:

  • 100% foreign ownership for investors and corporations 
  • Zero income & corporate taxes 
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits 
  • A strategic location facilitated by highways, sea ports, and airports 
  • Fast track remote business setup process 
  • A world-class technology-enhanced  business infrastructure 
  • Lower setup and licensing costs 
  • 0% import and export duties 
  • Access to international markets in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe 

Best Businesses to Start in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone?

Creative City Fujairah was designed and built to support a unique niche of businesses including the services industry, education, and media providers. Some of the best businesses to start in Fujairah Creative City include: 

  • Educational institutions
  • Financial & marketing consultancy 
  • TV broadcasting 
  • Radio broadcasting  
  • Information technology providers 
  • Filmmakers 
  • Freelancing service providers 

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How Airzone Can Help You in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone?

For enthusiastic entrepreneurs like yourself planning to set up a new business in UAE free zones like Creative City Fujairah, Airzone brings your all the essential resources and guides to get you acquainted with the region and its administrative processes.

Our exclusive resources, tutorials, and guides answer important questions including how to register your business, how to acquire a free zone trading license, determine the ideal location of your business, and how to secure a UAE visa. 

In addition to preparing you for company setup in the Fujairah Creative City free zone, we also connect you with our trusted partner network of company formation service providers who deliver core services including visa processing, company registration & license application, project planning, and banking services.  

If you are thinking of launching a new branch or establishing a completely new business within the media, entertainment, IT, or professional service category Fujairah’s free zone is the perfect place to make your mark. Learn more about investing in a UAE-free zone in our resources section, and get in touch with us to connect with our trusted network of company formation service providers.