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DWTC Free Zone Company Formation

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For firms looking for a centrally located and cost-effective business setup option in Dubai, the DWTC or Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) provides attractive options. A short distance from the city’s financial center, the Dubai World Trade Center sits in the heart of the city’s major commercial zone. This environment is ideal for businesses that want to operate locally and in regional and worldwide markets.

This Free Zone was established by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and offers a variety of unique business options, including free-zone licensing and hassle-free branch licensing for foreign enterprises and UAE LLC corporations.

An experienced adviser from UAE Free Zones can make the process of registering your company in the Dubai World Trade Centre Freezone straightforward and fast.

This guide will walk you through the basics of setting up your business in this globally-minded Free Zone. From there, you can begin taking advantage of all that DWTC has to offer businesses looking to expand into new markets. Let’s get started!

How to Set up Business in DWTC?

The procedure of registering your business with the DWTC Authority is simple. Following is a streamlined process of setting up a company in Dubai World Trade Centre:

 Business Setup in DWTC

Documents Required for Company Setup in DWTC

Documents Needed to Register a DWTC Company:

The documentation needed to start a business in the DWTC Free Zone differs depending on whether the shareholder is an individual or a corporation.

The following are the basic requirements:

  • A copy of your passport
  • Your CV should include your work experience.
  • A brief business strategy explaining your activity is required.

Following your company’s registration, you will receive the following:

  • License.
  • Certificate of registration.
  • Memorandum of Association.
Company Setup Cost in DWTC Free Zone

Company Setup Cost in DWTC Free Zone

DWTC is the most cost-effective Dubai Free Zone. It offers three packages:

For 31,300 AED, you can get a Flexi-desk package (including a 2,000 AED refundable deposit).

For 57,300 AED, you can get an office package with trade or service activity (including a 4,000 AED refundable deposit).

For 58,500 AED, you can get an office package with general trading license activity (including a 4,000 AED refundable deposit).

DWTC zone will issue you with a license for 19,800 AED if you rent an office from a business center in One Central district.

License Options in Dubai World Trade Centre

Following are the types of License available in DWTC in their costs:

1. Commercial License

For the purpose of carrying out specified commercial activities.

2. General Trading License

To engage in unfettered commercial activity.

3. Professional License

For the purpose of providing certain professional services.

4. E-commerce License

Getting E-commerce License is For platforms in the UAE that trade products and services online.

Costs of Licenses in DWTC Free Zone


  1. AED 5,000 is the registration fee.
  2. AED 12,500 for the first two years of the license.
  3. Fees for License Renewal (Year 3): AED 18,750.
  4. AED 2,300 for an annual establishment card.
  5. AED 19,800 (Years 1 / 2) Annual Total
  6. AED 21,050 (Year 3) Annual Total


  1. Fees: AED 5,000 for registration.
  2. AED 15,000 for the first two years of the license.
  3. AED 22,500 (Year 3) License Renewal Fees
  4. AED 2,300 per year for an establishment card.
  5. Total Annual AED 22,300 (Years 1 / 2)
  6. AED 24,800 in total over three years.


  1. Fees for registration: Nil.
  2. AED 3,000 for the first year of the license.
  3. Fees for License Renewal (Years 2 and 3): AED 5,000.
  4. AED 2,300 for an annual establishment card.
  5. AED 5,300 for the first year.
  6. AED 7,300 each year (Years 2 and 3).


  1. AED 3,000 is the registration fee.
  2. AED 7,200 for the first year of the license.
  3. Fees for License Renewal (Years 2 and 3): AED 12,000.
  4. AED 2,300 for an annual establishment card.
  5. AED 12,500 for the first year.
  6. AED 14,300 (Years 2 / 3) Annual Total

Key Benefits of Setting up Business in DWTC

Although there are a number of options available for setting up a business in Dubai, the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) offers a number of key benefits. Here are some of the top reasons to consider setting up your business in DWTC:

1. World-Class Location

A 15-minute drive from Dubai International Airport, the Dubai World Trade Center is situated in the heart of Downtown Dubai. The metro station provides easy access to events and the sights from anywhere in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.

2. Business Operating Permit

“Business Operating Permission” is a special permit granted to well-established businesses that want to extend their activities inside the Freezone. As a result of this approval, firms may do so now. These firms are allowed to create an office and do business in the Free Zone as a result of this authorization.

However, the economic activity carried out inside the Freezone must be consistent with the one outlined in the DED license in order for a firm to be awarded this license.

3. Easy Sub-Lease

DWTC Authority licensees and business permit holders are allowed to sublet the space to other Freezone members. When an issue arises with sub-payments, lessee’s the sub-lessor is still responsible.

4. Sponsorships and Employment

Sponsorship services for workers and family members are provided by the Freezone Authority to DWTC Authority-registered investors. The following is a list of potential investors to contact.

5. Flexi-Desk Package

The Flexi-desk package is a big reason why the Dubai World Trade Centre Free Zone is popular with small enterprises as well as the many international organizations that call it home. Flexi-desks are the greatest option for companies that don’t want to make a long-term commitment to real office space but still require access to office facilities like conference rooms.

6. Easy and Affordable Setup

The process of forming a business at the Dubai World Trade Centre is straightforward and can be completed quickly and cheaply. It may be more economical to establish a Free Zone Establishment (FZE), a Free Zone Firm (FZCO), or a branch of an existing firm in DWTC. Flexi-desks may be had for as little as AED 41,000 if you choose that option.

7. Platform to Compete Globally

In addition to the relatively inexpensive expenses of operating a company in Dubai, the World Trade Center’s location provides enterprises with an important competitive edge.

Within walking distance of Dubai’s business district, the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) is located right adjacent to the Dubai International Financial Centre. While avoiding the region’s traditionally high rates, it provides businesses with a great place to call home.

8. Setting Up Business With Multiple Shareholders

You may set up a business at the Dubai World Trade Center that has several shareholders that are either people or companies. The Dubai World Trade Center offers yet another huge perk to multinational enterprises. A Freezone Company registration is all an aspiring entrepreneur needs to get their firm off the ground.

Types of Companies Formed Under DWTC Authority

Following are the types of companies that can be formed under DWTC authority:

1. Free Zone Company (FZCO)

Multiple shareholders in the DWTC FZO may organize a company with the help of an FZCO registration. Two to ten shareholders may be made up of persons (people) or non-individuals (businesses or corporations).

2. Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

Anyone in the FZE may create a single shareholder Freezone Entity. Shareholders of a business located in the DWTC Free Zone are restricted to one individual or corporation at a time.

3. Foreign Branch

Companies from outside the United Arab Emirates are allowed to set up shop in the DWTC Freezone. Activities that are unique to the parent firm may be performed entirely or in part by the overseas branch. In order for the branch to be successful, the parent company must totally own it.

4. UAE Branch

If a company has a valid UAE license and a UAE Branch registration, it may open a branch in the DWTC Free Zone. A UAE Branch, which is a legally dependent portion of the Parent business, may or may not carry out the activities of the parent company. To start a branch in the UAE, you’ll need to be officially registered with a licensing organization.

Facilities in Dubai World Trade Centre

Following is a list of facilities available in the DWTC:

  • Access to 50,000 global exhibitors annually
  • A wide range of flexible workspaces and collaborative communities and business centers
  • Over 1,000 on-site hotel rooms
  • Restaurants 
  • Banks
  • Pools
  • GYMs
  • 1,800,000 sqft of leasable office space

Activities in DWTC

Dubai World Trade Centre is a major hub of activities taking place throughout the year, such as:

  • Exhibitions (Example: Middle east Foam and Polyutherane Expo, Sleep expo)
  • Shows ( Example: World Vape Show, etc)
  • Concerts
  • Festivals (Example: The Speciality Food Festival)

FAQs About DWTC Freezone Company Formation

Can I do business activities outside the DWTC Free Zone with my DWTC license?

Both the Freezone license and the business operating permit issued by the DWTC Authority enable the holder to do business inside the Freezone. The Freezone Department, on the other hand, permits its members to choose a licensed distributor to manage product distribution outside of the Freezone.

Does Dubai World Trade Centre work to provide a sustainable environment?

The Dubai World Trade Center is continually attempting to improve its sustainability and decrease the environmental effect of its activities. They are trying to recycle as much waste as possible while simultaneously increasing their output and efficiency at the same time.

How long does the DWTC Company registration process take?

Two weeks is the average time it takes to get a new business up and running in this Freezone. You can also take the help of various business consultants.

How much is a trade license in DWTC?

Type of LicenseVisasCOST
General Trading licenseno visaAED 57,450
General Trading license1 visaAED 63,132
General Trading license2 visasAED 68,813


So you’re now convinced that setting up your business in Dubai World Trade Centre is a good idea. With the assistance of the DWTC Authority, the procedure of registering as a Freezone entity in Dubai is rather straightforward. Individuals who are in the process of starting a company, establishing a new branch, or transferring a locally licensed firm to the Freezone may go to the Authority as a “one-stop-shop” and a single point of contact for all of their business needs.