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Dubai Studio City | DSC Freezone Business Setup

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Dubai Studio City is an innovative structure that houses all phases of digital content production and broadcasting under one roof. In order to stimulate and nurture the sector’s growth, Dubai Studio City Free Zone has put together the ideal combination of infrastructure, a talent pool, and a vibrant business climate.

All around the Middle East, Hollywood actors and directors flock to Dubai to take advantage of its breathtaking landscapes. There have been an incredible amount of movies filmed in Dubai, as well as numerous high-profile actors and actresses that have appeared in or hosted their shows there. So this is why Dubai is a lucrative option for most Hollywood Directors & Dubai Studio City is one of them.

For the best audio-visual media companies, DSC Free Zone provides unparalleled infrastructure, talent, and services on a global scale. Planned specifically to help the media and entertainment industries, such as radio and television production, move forward faster.

As the Middle East’s premier film production hub, it is also home to the region’s largest soundstage. More than 275 firms employ over 2,800 people in the area, which also boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure. Consequently, licenses for production and transmission are issued as a result.

The emirates of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Oman are all located inside its borders. It is also a well-known tourist destination. The Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah, Jebel Ali Port, and Dubai Miracle Garden are just a few of the city’s well-known landmarks.

Hence, if you are planning to Setup a Business in Dubai Free Zone, Dubai Studio City Free Zone is a great option, and with this guide, you will gain all the required insights.

How to Start a Business in Dubai Studio City Free Zone?

Following is a step-by-step guide for setting up a business in DSC Free Zone:

  • Submit your business application and wait for approval
  • Provider all the legal paperwork to get your company registered.
  • Along with sending the payment, you must also sign and return the customer confirmation letter.
  • Signing both the memorandum of association and the articles of association is required.
  • Depositing the share capital
  • A personal sponsorship agreement and the lease must be signed.
  • Fees must be paid, and the license must be picked up.

Documents Required for Company Formation in DSC Free Zone

Following is a list of documents required to start a business in Dubai Studio City:

  • A copy of the Registration Application
  • Certificate of Incorporation of a company that is notarized
  • Declaration of Intent to form a company
  • Copies of the stockholders’ most recent resumes
  • Resolution of the board for the formation of an FZ LLC, FZE, or representative office
  • No objection letter (for appointed general manager)
  • Copies of members’ and directors’ passports are required
  • Bank reference letter for each shareholder
  • Documentation from a bank established in the UAE proving payment of the required minimum share capital
  • A deed to the unit’s title

Cost of Setting up Business in Dubai Studio City Free Zone

A Dubai Trade license in the Dubai Studio City Free Zone costs about AED 15,000, not including the price of a lease agreement for an office space.

For freelancers and sole proprietors, freelance permits and licensing packages cost about AD 25,000 plus a yearly license renewal price.

What Types of Licenses are Offered by Dubai Studio City Free Zone?

Following are the types of licenses that are offered in the Dubai Studio City Free Zone area:

1. Commercial license

2. UAE Freelance Permit

License Cost in DSC Free Zone

In the Dubai Studio City Free Zone, getting your license will set you back roughly 48,000 AED.

The fee also covers the cost of obtaining a visa and the cost of the rent. In addition, the time required to receive your license is roughly one week.

Activities Authorized by DSC Free Zone

Following is a list of business activities that are authorized by the Dubai Studio City Free Zone Authority:

  • IP streaming
  • Animation services
  • Film Support services
  • Broadcasting services
  • A vast range of recreational activities
  • Music and entertainment services
  • Production services
  • TV-network satellite
dubai-studio-city benefits

Advantages of Company Formation in DSC Free Zone

Investing in Free Zone is the most common sort of investment made by business owners. Dubai Studio City is a popular choice for anyone in the entertainment, film, or allied industries who seek to establish a Free Zone company. This is due to the fact that the city’s infrastructure and services are specifically designed to meet the demands of businesses of this nature.

This site offers access to a range of benefits. Investors see these advantages as significant additions to the value of their company. Some of the benefits of establishing a business in Dubai Studio City include:

  • Zero income tax
  • There are no monetary constraints
  • One hundred percent of the company is owned by foreign investors
  • One hundred percent of both profits and money are brought back into the country
  • No custom duties
  • Facilities for conferences, theatres for screening films, and exhibition spaces
  • There are no trade restrictions in place, including quotas
  • Reduced costs of operation
  • The infrastructure of the highest caliber
  • A bustling entertainment district that features a multiplex cinema, a variety of eateries, many theatres, and a promenade lined with shops
  • Support services of the highest magnitude.

Facilities in Dubai Studio City Authority Free Zone

Following is a list of facilities given by the Dubai Studio City Authority:

  • Commercial Spaces: There are multiple flexible office spaces available, in addition to offices that are in prime locations.
  • Co-working:  These Dubai coworking spaces provide a fully integrated and ready-to-use environment that is suited to everyone.
  • Boutique Studios: These are offices with studios attached that work well for production companies.
  • In5: It is an innovation platform for all design and technology organizations as well as start-ups.
  • Go Freelance: It is an excellent platform from which to launch a freelance career in the fields of education, the media, or technology.
  • Shopping: There is a diverse selection of exciting retail opportunities accessible.
  • Light Industrial Units: There are both multi-purpose and strategic light industrial units available.
  • Warehouses: There are both general-purpose and specialized warehouses available, each with a well-constructed underlying infrastructure.
  • Sound stages: There are a wide variety of highly developed sound stages, in addition to green rooms and other areas that can be used for auditions, meetings, and a great deal more.

Alternative Dubai Studio City Freezones

FAQs About Company Formation in DSC Free Zone

Can I start my own business in the DSC Free Zone?

Yes, you can start up your own business in the Dubai Studio City Free Zone by initiating the business registration process. The whole process can take 2-4 weeks.

Can I transfer my company from the DSC Free Zone to another Free Zone in the UAE?

The answer is yes, it is permissible for your company to become a stakeholder in another Free Zone company. This relates to TECOM as well as any other Free Zones throughout the UAE that you may come upon.

Why Dubai Studio City Free Zone?

DSC Free Zone has registered and runs more than 140 enterprises since its establishment in 2005. As digital technology and the number of television channels continue to grow, broadcasting has a bright future. As a result, a new group of independent broadcast firms has sprung up, providing design, music composition, and visual effects. Dubai Studio City spans 22 million sqft and is an ideal location from which to run these operations.

Managing Director of Dubai Studio City Majed Al Suwaidi believes that the region’s digital content market has developed and will continue to grow over the next decade. Its goal is to become a major player in the entertainment sector on a global scale. It’s no secret that Dubai is a hotbed for content development and digital media, which is why YouTube has decided to build a 6000-square-foot headquarters there.


How Airzone Can Help you in Setting up a Business in DSC Free Zone?

Setting up a business in Dubai Studio City Free Zone is a great way to get started in the UAE market. There are several benefits to setting up your business in this free zone, including 100% foreign ownership, no corporate or personal income tax, and no import/export duties. In addition, there is a wide range of support services available from the free zone authority, making it easy to get started. 

Establishing in Dubai will be made much simpler if you hire a business consultancy that handles company registration, legal needs, visas, and other company creation requirements.

If you want to learn more about how to set up a business in Dubai, we have an in-depth guide for that too.