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Business Setup in Dubai South Free Zone

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Dubai South is known to be the largest single urban master development focusing on an aviation and logistics ecosystem in Dubai. It is also known for housing the world’s largest airport when completely functional.  The facilities are to be further complemented by a multi-modal transport infrastructure connecting air, land, and sea.

The Dubai South Free Zone is one of the most preferred free zones for foreigners who wish to start their own businesses in Dubai. Launched as a Government of Dubai project in 2006, it has become an innovative free zone promoting and enabling growth for businesses.

Just like all other free zones, if you successfully acquire a business license and start your business here, you get to leverage tax-free income!

A glimpse of Dubai South Free Zone through facts and figures

  • 5000+ companies operate across Dubai South
  • 5000+ residents belonging to 150 nationalities call Dubai South their home
  • Cargo of 12 million tons is dealt with annually
  • Multimodal logistics hub covering 18 sq. km
  • Master-planned city covering 145 sq. km
  • By 2025 Dubai South alone is expected to contribute 35% of Dubai’s GDP

Impressive facts and figures lead to a trail of opportunities to seize. Continue reading to know how Dubai South is all about opportunities.

How to start a Business in Dubai South Free Zone?

  • Submit your application with the required documents
  • Activity and name approval process
  • Official company registration
  • Clear dues and payments
  • Collect final registration certificate, license, and lease agreement 

Requirements for Business Setup in Dubai South Free Zone

At Dubai South Free Zone, the following type of companies can be set up:

Leasing options in the Aviation City and Dubai Logistics City part of Dubai South are available.

When it comes to applying for a business license to start your business at the Dubai South Free Zone here are the basic documents and information you need to provide:

  • Company name
  • Residence and correspondence address
  • Valid passport copy
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Shareholding ratio
  • UAE entry stamp/visa copy

*Note: the above-mentioned are basic requirements. Case-to-case variations depending on the type of business activity and business license require tailored documents. To know exactly which documents you may need to submit, contact us.

License options in Dubai South Free Zone

This unique platform offers 8 different business licenses so everyone can take advantage and make their way to success at Dubai South.

  1. Freelance Permit
  2. Service License
  3. Logistic License
  4. General Trading License
  5. Dubai Trade License
  6. Industrial License
  7. Aviation License
  8. Education License

This license enables a holder to carry out educational consultancy services, educational and training, and educational and social services.

It is important to know that each license carries its own set of prerequisites in the form of documentation, fees, and time duration to complete the necessary formalities.

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Company Formation in Dubai South Free Zone: Pros & Cons

With the endless options to choose from when picking a free zone, each free zone comes with its own pros and cons.


  • Great cost-effective solution for budget-oriented entrepreneurs.
  • Better tailored for high-risk passport holders.
  • Very accommodating for cargo trading through nearby locations such as Al Maktoum Airport.


  • Confinement. Since it’s a free zone you do not get to stretch your business activities outside this free zone’s radius.
  • Business activity limitation. You can only set up a business that fits in the conducted activities in this specific free zone. 
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Dubai South Free Zone Districts

This specific free zone is known for having three unique districts. Each district is tailored to a specific section.

The three districts are categorized as follows:

  • Logistics 
  • Aviation
  • Business Park

1. Logistics District:

This specific district was formed as part of Dubai South’s key offerings to bring forth top-notch solutions to the worldwide supply chain system. Covering 18 sq. km, the logistics district is known for its relevant and efficient movement of goods through the logistics corridor. 20 minutes is all it takes to allow cargo to be moved from port to airport.

There are additional features of this district, with a purpose-built e-commerce zone EZDubai. Covering 920,000 square meters, this zone is committed to enhancing e-commerce facilities and the entire region with enabling business solutions for multinationals and SMEs based in the UAE. Six areas are dedicated to providing the needful services for the setups such as e-fulfillment centers, supply centers, last mile centers, repair & return centers, and office solutions.

2. Aviation District:

This district is completely tailored to aeronautical needs. A worthy platform to mention that comes under this district is the Mohammed bin Rashid Aerospace Hub. Designed for ultimate contribution toward the economic growth of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, it has enabled investors to succeed. Dubai South’s multimodal logistics platform lets investors reach anywhere across the globe. A variety of landslide and air-side solutions is available for SMEs and multinationals.

3. Business Park:

Purposely situated at the doorway of Dubai South, flexibility and innovation are the prime components of the Business Park. It is an environment built to provide tailored solutions for businesses in the form of commercial buildings, completely furnished business compounds, and smart office equipment. 

Alternative Dubai South Freezones

Dubai South Free Zone Fee Structure

The basic fees that are incurred if you wish to be part of the Dubai South free zone are as follows:

  • Smart Desk: License cost: 39,900 AED
  • Smart Office: License cost: 49,900 AED
  • Permanent Smart Desk: License cost: 54,900 AED
  • Permanent Smart Office: License cost: 95,000 AED

*Note: these are basic costs that are subject to change without notice. Also, costs are not limited to the above-mentioned. To know more about various types of fees and costs that may be incurred, contact us.


How Airzone can help you setup your Business in Dubai South Free Zone?

We want to help you move from thoughts into action. It is certain that tailored situations demand tailored approaches, this is where Airzone comes from. When it comes to setting up your business in the UAE, there is a list of documents and fees that may come as a surprise to you. We take away the surprises. All you need to do is submit the needed documents, we handle the rest.

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