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Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone Business Setup

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In 2002, Dubai Healthcare City officially opened its doors to the public for the first time. As a medical facility, it was founded to provide the best possible care.

There are approximately 160 partners in the 150 disciplines of DHCC and licensed professionals from about 90 countries who help expand the medical tourism portfolio of clinical hospitals, medical centers, health facilities, and diagnostic laboratories.

It’s to your best advantage to obtain the advice of knowledgeable professionals before making a decision on whether or not to include your organization in this zone.

The Medical Tourism Association has ranked Dubai as the world’s sixth-best medical destination, thanks in part to the city’s patient-friendly Dubai Health Experience portal and a rapidly expanding concept supported by improved patient safety, global talent delivering world-class health services, and the city’s patient-friendly Dubai Health Experience portal.

In addition to having direct access to facilities tailored to your needs and modern offices or desk space in the heart of the Middle East’s commercial and medical tourism capital, establishing a company in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) offers you the unparalleled opportunity to become a part of an established, evolving, and flourishing community of excellence.

A trade license, visas, and work permits may all be obtained in one place at the Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone. This makes it easy to start your business in UAE and take advantage of the Free Zone. Using this guide, how about we take a closer look at it?

How to Set up a Business in DHCC?

How to Set up a Business in DHCC Free Zone?

Following is an easy step-by-step process to set up your business in Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone:

  • Firstly, submit your application form
  • Get approval from the respective authority beforehand
  • The next step is the submission of legal documents/paperwork and paying the fee
  • Get your issuance of the e-agreement
  • Sign the respective e-agreement, meanwhile, share your capital letter
  • Wait to get your e-license issued
Required Documents for Setting up Business in DHCC

Documents for Company Formation in Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone

There is required paperwork for setting up business in the Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone which is as follows:

– Color passport photocopy

– Color copy of UAE resident visa and Emirates ID

– Curriculum Vitae/Resumé

– A certificate of education and experience

– Copies of utility bills

– Business Strategy

– Letter of authorization from the present sponsor

Advantages of Business Setup in Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone

The Dubai Healthcare City features high-quality wellness and medical facilities that may be utilized for a number of reasons and are appropriate for residential and commercial use. Since its inception in 2002, the DHCC has grown into a hub for healthcare-related businesses.

Here are some of the advantages of setting up a business in the designated DHCC Free Zone:

  • 100 percent tax exemption
  • Several distinct prospects and business profiles
  • 100 percent ownership held by non-natives
  • There is no personal or business tax
  • Zero percent customs duty
  • One hundred percent of the capital and profits were brought back home
  • There are no limitations imposed on commercial stumbling blocks, circulation of capital, or quotations
  • Freedom to either rent or own a medical facility to use
  • Freedom to build relationships and connections with companies and consumers all across the world
  • Complete coverage of the value chain in the healthcare industry
  • Reliable prices
  • Premium location for the formation of your business close to other major free zones like

What are the Facilities Offered by Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone?

Following is a list of facilities offered by the Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone authority:

  • Clinical spaces
  • Nonclinical spaces
  • Fitted offices
  • executive desks and offices
  • Business center 
  • Retail units
  • Leasing solutions

License Services for Companies Registering In Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone

Following is a list of the types of licenses offered in Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone:

What Is the Cost of Setting up Business in DHCC?

Dubai Healthcare City serves as a major center as well as a tax-Free Zone for enterprises and organizations with a strong focus on the medical industry. The Free Zone promotes and encourages new enterprises to build medical institutions by allowing 100 percent foreign ownership of firms within the Free Zone.

The cost of establishing a DHCC corporation begins at AED 21,600/-, which covers the initial application fee, commercial license, and registration fee.

Activities Offered by DHCC Free Zone

Following is a list of various activities offered by the Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone Authority:

Activities under the clinical category

  • Patient escort services
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Diagnostic centres and non diagnostic centres
  • Clinical inpatients and outpatients

Activities under the nonclinical category

  • Hotel and restaurants
  • Healthcare support
  • Events
  • Food and beverages 
  • Education
  • Consultancy services
  • Real Estate and property services

FAQs About DHCC Free Zone Company Formation

Can I transfer my company from DHCC Free Zone to any other Free Zone?

Transferring your business from one Free Zone to another is impossible. A branch of your existing business can, however, be established in a separate Free Zone.

Do I need a local sponsor to start my business in DHCC?

No! That’s right, you don’t need any local sponsor or local partner to start your business in Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone. This gives you 100% ownership of your company which is a major selling point.


Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone is a self-regulatory organization that aids businesses at every stage of the process of establishing their operations. As of now, Dubai Healthcare City FZ is home to over a hundred medical facilities and over three thousand healthcare workers. Health care education is only one of the many fields that can be researched in the Free Zone.

DHCC Freezone will continue to draw top-tier healthcare providers and recognized clinical operators and specialists to provide a full range of healthcare services in a setting with strict restrictions to ensure the best possible care for patients and the highest possible level of safety for everyone involved, which makes it a top priority for investors.

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