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Dubai Flower Centre Freezone Company Formation

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The most critical aspect of dealing with the trade of perishable items is a fast-paced, consistent, and temperature-controlled supply chain. This specifically designed supply chain for perishable items like food items, aquatic plants, and fresh flowers is called the cold chain. A business setup in Dubai Flower Centre leverages a modern cold chain infrastructure directly attached to the nearby Dubai International Airport and Dubai Cargo Village.

Dubai Flower Centre is mainly established for the trade of flowers, making UAE one of the significant flower-handling venues around the globe. By creating a business setup in Dubai Flower Centre, you can be a part of the modern floriculture industry. This blog post will help you find out how the business setup in Dubai Flower Centre works. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Business setup in Dubai Flower Center

How to Set up a Business in Dubai Flower Centre Free Zone?

Dubai Flower Centre attracts many foreign investors interested in the business and trade of perishable products. It’s creating new business avenues and job opportunities for local and foreign talent in the perishable products industry. But how can you be a part of this promising opportunity by creating a business setup in Dubai Flower Centre? The following steps will lead you to the freezone company formation Dubai Flower Centre. Let’s discuss each of these steps and prerequisites in detail.

Step 01 – Submit the Application with Relevant Documents & Information.

Suppose you want to create a business setup in Dubai Flower Centre. In that case, you must reserve your tradename, complete your documents, and submit an online form for the reviewal and acceptance of your application. Once your application is received, the Dubai Department of Economic Development and relevant authorities perform a background check of your company, quoted business activities, office space requirements, etc. 

Upon successful completion of your initial application, you must wait for the Preliminary Letter of Approval for up to 30 days. You may face rejection if your provided information is incorrect or if the authorities require additional documents to validate your application. Therefore, it is recommended to partner with an experienced business formation service provider to avoid potential delays and obstacles.

Step 02 – Get your Memorandum of Understanding

Once your initial application is approved, you will receive your Provisional Approval Letter and a Memorandum of Understanding containing the terms and conditions for continuing operations in Dubai Flower Centre. This Memorandum of Understanding is an initial contract between your business setup in Dubai Flower Centre and relevant authorities. Once you get your Memorandum of Understanding, you need to endorse the acceptance of indicated terms and submit it back within ten days.

Step 03 – Submit the Legal Documents

The next step is to complete all the legal documentation and legislative obligations before securing a dedicated office space or warehouse and trade license issuance. The legal documents may vary depending on the legal structure of your business setup in Dubai Flower Centre. This step is also confusing and involves in-depth knowledge of UAE’s international and local corporate laws. Therefore, consulting a business formation service or consultancy provider is necessary to stay relevant in your company formation journey.

Step 04 – Final Approval

Once you complete all the documents and aforementioned steps, you will receive a final letter of approval within two weeks, along with the lease agreement, invoice for the Trade License Fee, and rental invoice for the first year. The trade license is your gateway to opening and starting your business setup in Dubai Flower Centre. For now, you are still bound to start your business activities until the issuance of a trade license.

Step 05 – Trade License Issuance

You will be assigned and associated with an authorized signatory who signs the lease agreement and collects the trade license fee. The invoice for the trade license registration fee and the first-year rental amount you have already received in the above step. Once you pay the fee that covers your trading license cost in Dubai Flower Centre and rental charges, you need to wait for the issuance of your trade license. Once you get your trade license, you can start your business activities without any further delay and unlock the potential of this remarkable freezone in the UAE.

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Business setup in Dubai Flower Center

Why Start a Business in Dubai Flower Centre Free Zone?

The Dubai Flower Centre is a Freezone based in the Dubai International Airport and administered by the Dubai Cargo Village. Regarding hassle-free logistics in Dubai, you can choose from a range of high-end carrier services interested in handling trade for your business in Dubai. One of these renowned and world’s leading carrier groups is “The Emirates.”

Dubai is growing in prominence among the community of foreign investors keen to set up their businesses in the UAE. It offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and a business-friendly ecosystem to facilitate overseas business by offering facilities like 100% business ownership and liberty of import and export.

IT-equipped logistics, modern & streamlined cargo handling, quick transit operations, temperature-controlled inventories, and dedicated facilities encourage overseas investors to create a business setup in Dubai Flower Centre.

The Dubai Flower Centre can handle over 300,000 metric tons of perishable items and flowers per annum. It offers fully-furnished and modern chambers for export, office spaces, trans-shipment area, breakdown depots, build-up depots, automated sorting stations, and dispatch zones.

Moreover, the Dubai Flower Centre is equipped with a top-notch storage facility with temperature controlled environment and an operational capacity of 34,000 sq. meters. With its maximum functionality and scale of operations, Dubai Flower Centre can efficiently serve over 2 billion global consumers. It makes your business setup in Dubai Flower Centre an essential entity in the global hub for the trade of flowers and perishables.

Benefits of Starting a Business in Dubai Flower Centre Free Zone

Freezone company formation in Dubai Flower Centre has some notable strategic and financial benefits. For instance, your business setup in Dubai Flower Centre shares quick and easy access to European countries with a 6-hour flight and Asian countries with up to 8-hour flight. Considering all the advantages that Dubai Flower Centre offers to the exporters, wholesalers, and logistics companies linked with the trade of perishable items, you can leverage a range of privileges if you start a business in Dubai Flower Centre. Such as

  • Ideal location in the heart of Dubai at Dubai International Airport
  • Remarkable opportunities for modern logistics and trans-shipping
  • World’s leading cool chain facility
  • Quick reinforcement and trans-shipment
  • Huge temperature-controlled zones
  • Automated tracking system
  • Dedicated facilities to handle different types of products
  • 0% on import or export of goods
  • Modern banking system to facilitate business setups in Dubai Flower Centre
  • High-end and standardized operations supervised by the relevant authority
  • Quick and easy access to European and Asian markets

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How Airzone Can Help You Start a Business in Dubai Flower Centre Free Zone?

Airzone can help you partner with authentic and experienced business formation service providers. Our partnered service providers can make your journey to freezone company formation in Dubai Flower Centre and other free zones smooth and hassle-free. You can save your time and effort by onboarding with our partnered business formation service providers for

  • Trade name reservation
  • Completion of documents
  • Legal approvals from relevant authorities
  • Opening of corporate bank account in the UAE
  • Getting your trade license, etc

Connect with Airzone to open your business setup in Dubai Flower Centre or any other freezone in the UAE. We will help you find the most budget-friendly and experienced business formation service provider for freezone and mainland business setups in all high-potential emirates of the UAE.

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FAQs About Company Formation in Dubai Flower Centre Freezone

What are business license types available for new companies in DFC Free Zone?

You can choose from two types of trade licenses in Dubai Flower Centre.

    • Trading License – For the businesses involved in the import, export, or wholesale of perishable items

    • Service License – For businesses providing professional services like aesthetic decorations for events and marriages.

What Is the Cost of Starting a Business in Dubai Flower Centre?

For an entry-level or start-up business, you can expect the cost of creating a business setup in Dubai Flower Center to be around AED 5,500. The cost may vary and is highly relative to the scale of your operations and involved business activities.

How to Launch a Small Business in Dubai Flower Centre?

To successfully create and launch a business setup in Dubai Flower Center, follow the following steps.

    • Partner with an experienced business formation services provider

    • Finalize the business activities

    • Reserve your trade name

    • Initial approval for company registration

    • Getting your Memo of Understanding

    • Reserve your office space or warehouse

    • Get your trade license

    • Create an engaging website for better reach

The documents and approvals required for free zone company formation in Dubai Flower Center include:

    • Initiate a business registration application with the DED

    • Getting your business’s memorandum of understanding

    • Acquiring the Trade License,

    • Submitting an application for an establishment card to the Ministry of Labor (issued by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs). The documents required for the said case include:

        • Passport of UAE sponsor/shareholder (in case of shared partnership in Mainland – Shared partnership is not Obligatory after 2020)

        • Old Immigration card

        • Copy of Passport with valid visa page of all partners for Free Zone Company

    • Confirmed and potential employees must be registered with the Ministry of Labor, with the documents required as under
        • UAE’s Residence Visa/Work Visa

        • Copy of Passport with valid visa page

        • Employment Agreement

        • Labour card

        • Emirates ID


If you want to catch the UAE’s promising opportunities and business-friendly ecosystem, Freezones are the perfect business avenues for overseas businesses. If you are linked with the perishable products industry, creating a business setup in Dubai Flower Centre can unlock numerous gateways for your business success.

We hope our guide on business setup in Dubai Flower Centre helped you immensely. If you wish to start a business in another freezone, you can also choose from the UAE’s list of free zones, each offering dedicated business infrastructure to meet all your industry-specific needs.

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