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Company Formation in Ajman Media City Free Zone

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Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ) is one of the most well-known Free Zones in the UAE. This Free Zone was formed in 2018 with the intention of attracting media, entertainment, and technology industry experts.

AMCFZ has a very strategic location, making it a viable option for many investors. The Ajman Media City Free Zone is only 40 minutes from Dubai and is adjacent to a seaport, which expands business opportunities for freelancers, light manufacturers, and trading firms.

AMCFZ, like other Free Zones, is a tax-free zone, making it quite enticing for investors. Entrepreneurs and professionals may benefit from the Free Zone’s affordable company formation packages and the region’s expedited processes. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will be reviewing how to set up business in Ajman Media City Free Zone.

Ajman Media City Free Zone company formation

How to Setup Business in Ajman Media City Free Zone?

Establishing a company in the Ajman free zone is simple. The actions that need to be taken are simple and won’t cause any problems. They are as described below:

Step 1: Select Your Business Activity

Determine what kind of commercial activity will be conducted by your company. Some of the activities that take place in the Ajman Media City Free Zone include film, music, event management, etc.

Step 2: Applying For Ajman Media City Free Zone License

Despite the fact that the free zone is designed specifically for the media business, AMCFZ is open to a wide variety of activities under the following categories of licenses:

Service License: A service license is a kind of intellectual property that grants the right to produce, reproduce, alter, and distribute services.

Trading License: A trading license is a document that grants permission to import, export, distribute, and store the goods that are specifically named on the license.

E-commerce: This kind of license enables the holder to engage in all types of online trade and service activities.

Step 3: Choose the Appropriate Plan in Accordance with Your Preferences

Ajman Media City Free Zone offers the following types of packages:

1. Business Club Membership Deals

AMCFZ describes the Company Club Package as a shared workplace and provides business owners with a limited amount of time each month to use the space. Companies that are founded in the business center in accordance with this package are able to enjoy the status of a free zone, but they are not eligible for the visa. If prospective business owners choose to purchase this package, the first cost to launch their company is 8,500 AED.

2. Bronze Package

This offer comprises a shared permanent office space located in the state-of-the-art buildings of the free zones. The newly established companies will be considered to be in a free zone and will be eligible for one business visa each. All of the other options are exactly the same as those provided by the Business Club. This package costs AED 11500.

3. Silver Package

The Silver Package comes with shared permanent office space, and businesses that are started in the SMART OFFICE PLUS will be eligible for two visas and will have the status of operating inside a free zone. The value-added tax, the innovation fee, and the company name approval are all included in the extra costs. The Business Package and the Bronze Package both include the same things as this one. This package costs AED 14500.

4. Silver Plus Package

In accordance with this, businesses that are founded inside the SMART OFFICE PLUS will be qualified for a shared permanent office, in addition to three visas, and the status of a free zone. The offers are the same as those described before. This package costs AED 17500.

5. Gold Package

As an essential component of Ajman Vision 2021, the free zone was established, and its current mission is to serve as an absolute commercial center for the creative, entertainment, and media industries. This package costs AED 25500. 

There are also three more packages which we’ll list down below just for the sake of keeping things short:

  • SMI Package: costs AED 2500.
  • Holding Package: costs AED 5000.
  • Silver Premium Package: costs AED 21500.

Step 4: Submission of Documents

The next step is to submit all the required documents required to set up business in Ajman Media City Free Zone. This will be covered in the next section. Don’t miss it!

Step 5: Get Approval

After your application has been reviewed and accepted, a Certificate of Incorporation will be sent to you. In order to get your dream business off the ground in the Ajman Free Zone, you will need to get a Certificate of Incorporation.

Step 6: Opening Your Bank Account

Finally, you can get started in Ajman Free Zone by opening a business bank account.

An expert in business formation can also assist you at this stage by recommending banks that will best meet your needs and assisting you in scheduling meetings with them.

The specific steps you must take to start a business in Ajman Free Zone will be heavily influenced by the nature of the business and the organizational structure you choose.

Requirements for Company Formation in Ajman Media City

Neither the company’s board members nor its investors are required to be present throughout the application procedure. The processes involved in forming a company might vary depending on the kind of business you want to start, the activities you will engage in, and the kind of business plan you have. However, in almost all instances, your application must include the following things:

  • Business Plan
  • An application form that has been filled out with the appropriate information
  • Photocopies of the owner’s passport, if applicable
  • Two photographs of passport size with a white backdrop each
  • At least three potential names for the business
  • CV and passport copy of the manager
  • Documentation of the appropriate amount of share capital
  • Residential address
  • A NOC from the sponsor, if it’s a UAE-based company
  • Your email address as well as your phone number

Cost for Company Formation in Ajman Media City Freezone

The cost of your license to do business in the Ajman Media City Free Zone will depend on the licensing package you choose. AMCFZ offers eight distinct packages, ranging from Bronze to Platinum at a starting price of just 2,500 AED.

Nonetheless, this is not the only cost you should consider. You must also factor in the expense of renting space and acquiring visas. The cost of these items will be decided, in part, by the size of your business.

On the other hand, having a presence in a free zone is perhaps one of the most financially wise ways to do business in the UAE. Ajman is also renowned for its low cost of doing business, which makes it a viable option for firms of varied financial resources.


Benefits of Starting a Business in Ajman Media City

What Are the Benefits of Starting a Business in Ajman Media City?

Each Free Zone has its own distinctive character and provides a distinct range of amenities in order to entice potential investors and businesspeople to locate their operations inside that specific free zone. Ajman Media City Free Zone is a dependable option due to a number of reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • Exempt from the vast majority of taxes.
  • At the time of incorporation, the presence of customers is not required under any circumstances.
  • Freedom to set minimum share capital according to their own requirements.
  • Freedom to make adjustments to business activity in the future.
  • Freedom to establish a business banking relationship.
  • Freedom for company owners to submit an application for a dependant visa for their family members.
  • An existing visa may also be used in order to establish a business.
  • The business will become officially registered in the AMC Free Zone with a specific office and a building number.
  • There are many business packages available, ranging from the Business Club Package (which costs AED 8,500) all the way up to the Gold Package (which costs AED 25,500).
  • Credit cards, debit cards, checks, and cash are all acceptable methods of payment.

In addition to this, the free zone permits total foreign ownership and allows for the repatriation of both cash invested and earnings made. The greatest thing is that the Aiman Media City Free Zone does not call for a Notice of Compliance at all.

Best Businesses to Start in Ajman Media City

Contrary to many other free zones, Ajman Media City’s contract restricts the kind of activities that are authorized to be conducted inside its boundaries. The vast bulk of activities pertaining to the Advertising, Media, and Information Technology Segments.

The business activities conducted inside the Ajman Media City Free Zone fall into one of three categories:

  • Media-Related Trading
  • E-Commerce
  • Service/ Consultancy

According to the laws regulating the free zone, a total of five activities may be permitted under a single license. There is no need that these activities to be related in order to qualify for the license. The most apparent activities include, among others, becoming a social media influencer, working as a courier, practicing law, and operating a temporary employment agency.

Here’s a list of the best business to start in Ajman Media City:

  • Industrial
  • Film/Production/Post-Production
  • Broadcast Management
  • Trading
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Consultancy
  • New Media
  • Publishing
  • Event Management

Business Activities Allowed in AMC

Activities in the Ajman Media City Free Zone include:

  • Event management, including conference organizing, theatrical management, sports management, etc.
  • Musical activities include recording, production, and management.
  • Consulting services range from legal and human resources to investing and business.
  • The new media services include photography, web design, digital media, etc.
  • Publishing services including books, periodicals, newspapers, the Internet, and more
  • Production services such as post-production, score, marketing, etc., for a film.

FAQs About Ajman Media City Free Zone

What is Ajman Media City (AMCFZ)?

Ajman is a UAE emirate with 3 urban centers. Masfoot is known for agriculture and tourism, while Al Manama for sand valleys and mineral extraction. Ajman’s strategic location attracts businesses worldwide, especially in trade, with easy access to major seaports and airports.

Ajman’s free zone supports combined commercial and service activities without extra fees. However, it’s essential to prioritize the primary business line and maintain consistency with the brand’s identity and value.

Do I Need to Have a Local Sponsor to Start My Business in AMC?

No, you don’t need a local sponsor to start your business in Ajman Media City Free Zone.

How Much Time Does It Take To Start a Business in AMC?

It can take around 1 to 3 weeks to completely set up your business in Ajman Media City Free Zone.

How Many Days Would It Take To Get My License for My Business in AMC?

It usually takes 3-5 working days to get your license after you pay the cost of a business license in AMC.

Can I Transfer My Company From One Free Zone to Another in the UAE?

It will not be permissible for you to move your business from one tax-free zone to another. You are nonetheless permitted to establish a branch of your current firm in a free zone of your choosing.


How Can Airzone Help You Start a Business in Ajman Media City?

The establishment of a company in Ajman Media City has been designed to be as straightforward as possible. In spite of this, a comprehensive grasp of the United Arab Emirates and its diverse laws and customs is required.

For this reason, it is usually best to use a business setup consultation firm that can not only guide you through the procedure but also choose the most appropriate license and setup type for your business, depending on your demands and budget. This will help you to get your firm operational as quickly and effectively as feasible.

When it comes to obtaining an Ajman Media City Free Zone license and establishing a firm in the zone, Airzone is the perfect knowledge hub to find all the information you need to get started. Airzone guarantees that your company formation process in Ajman Media City Free Zone will be quick and easy with the assistance of our trusted business formation partners. You can get assistance from our dependable partners in Dubai and obtain the necessary trade licenses.

If you want to learn more about business setup in Dubai, we have a comprehensive guide for you. With a thorough understanding of the UAE’s business scene, you should be well prepared to establish a company in the country. If you need information regarding free zones, we have detailed articles on UAE free zones.