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TRN Verification Dubai: All You Need to Know

With the boosting UAE  economy, everyone wants a chunk of this successful pie. Yes, we are talking about setting up your business in the UAE. Even though the process is pretty simple, you need to understand the tax laws and most importantly, TRN. 

The TRN or Tax Registration number is the most crucial legal identifier for every business operating in the UAE. 

The TRN Verification Dubai process should be well understood by business owners, customers, and entrepreneurs; the process of checking and confirming your TRN is pretty simple. 

Continue reading to find out all you need to understand about TRN Verification Dubai and how it can help prevent any incidents related to fraud and data loss. 

what is trn

What is TRN?

TRN stands for Tax Registration Number as per UAE VAT Laws. A TRN is a unique number that the Federal Tax Authority in UAE  issues to a firm registered for VAT. TRN  is also known as a VAT registration number or a VAT number.

Why do you need a Business TRN in UAE?

Business owners will require a TRN for all forms of formal contact with the authorities and regulatory organizations. The following are some of the tasks that call for a legitimate company TRN from business owners:

  • Note on tax credit
  • Preparing tax invoices
  • Billing clients in cases when a VAT is involved
  • Filing of VAT and tax returns

TRN Verification: Why is it necessary?

A tax registration number serves as a company’s formal identity in Dubai and other UAE countries. For businesses in various industry sectors, the UAE government created VAT in January 2018 with a maximum rate of 5%. The UAE imposed VAT because they intended to shift to economically sustainable growth. 

You can add 5% VAT to your client’s final payment when you provide them with an invoice, in compliance with the FTA’s taxes regulations.

Many dishonest businesses charge customers for VAT but neglect to refund the UAE government because they don’t have a legitimate TRN.

This misconduct is the main reason the UAE government has devised a quick and simple TRN verification system for customers and companies in Dubai and the UAE.

Without a verified TRN, you cannot charge the customer VAT. Submitting your financial reports puts you in a lot of trouble and results in fines and leads to the suspension of your trade license.

The TRN verification process may be completed quickly by customers in Dubai to ensure that their money is routed to the correct recipient and that the business they are paying the VAT to is authorized to receive VAT payments.

How to verify Tax Registration Number in Dubai?

You can verify TRN  with a computer or smartphone easily. A company is included as a legitimate registrant in the database after it receives a TRN from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). In addition, anyone may check the legal registration status of a business on the FTA website. Here is how to go about it.

To check the TRN verification in UAE, the FTA formerly needed users to register on their website with identifying information. As now registration is open to everyone; the procedure has become simpler.

Step 1: Visit FTA Website to verify TRN

  • You can validate a TRN by simply visiting the direct link provided on the FTA website. 
  • You may access it here.
  • If you don’t have the actual link, you may find the relevant FTA webpage by simply searching for “TRN verification Dubai.”

Step 2: Enter the TRN Number

  • After clicking the website, you will see a text box to input the TRN and another text box to enter a captcha or other provided security code.
  • Enter the TRN on your payment receipt, company papers, or invoice. Be sure you accurately enter the security code before clicking “Validate.”

Step 3: TRN verification Dubai Outcome

  • The website will check the TRN you supplied against their company database.
  • The database will display the phrase “TRN is Available in the System” if it discovers a match with a legitimate registrant. The business’s legal name will be displayed in Arabic and English. 
  • The sentence “TRN does not exist in the system” will show, however, if the database does not locate a match.

Through this procedure, you may ascertain that the company you are doing business with is legitimately registered for taxes in the UAE. As a business owner, you should also confirm your TRN to ensure that your clients can always validate it.

How to Get TRN for your Business?

What if you don’t have a TRN and need to get one for your business in the UAE now that you know how to do a TRN verification in Dubai?

Through the FTA e-services site, FTA assists UAE businesses to submit an online TRN registration application.

Open an FTA account by clicking here.

The online site will give you information detailing the paperwork needed when joining. The following details about your company, among others, must be provided here:

  • Type of business
  • Location of the business and if it is situated in a UAE free zones are registration requirements (voluntary or mandatory)
  • Details about the business owner

You must submit scanned copies of the following documents before requesting your TRN in Dubai:

  • Articles of Association 
  • Partnership contract
  • Ownership-related papers
  • Emirates ID or a passport 

FAQs About TRN Verification

Is TRN Mandatory in UAE?

Yes, obtaining a TRN is mandatory for individuals and businesses in the UAE who are required to pay taxes. The TRN is used to identify taxpayers and track their tax payments and compliance with the tax laws of the UAE. If you are living or doing business in the UAE and are required to pay taxes, you must obtain a TRN in order to comply with the tax laws of the country.

How to find TRN Number?

Here are the steps you need to follow to find the TRN number.

    • First, visit the Federal Tax Authority’s website at

    • Then, on the right side, locate the TRN VERIFICATION tab.

    • Type in your TRN for verification.

    • The CAPTCHA code should be entered.

    • The business’s name connected to the inputted TRN will now be shown.

The TRN ensures a seamless flow of information between the provider and buyer of the items and permits the monitoring of all transactions between people and businesses. Therefore, it is crucial to the UAE’s economic sector.

You will also need to provide information about your company’s finance and bank account. In addition, you must provide the contact information of the business manager whom the authorities may get in touch with for legal reasons if you are not running the company yourself.


The UAE government has been working to make UAE and Dubai a center for international commerce and to wean the nation off its reliance on the oil-based economy and shift towards a sustainable business environment.

TRN stands for Tax Registration Number and is a unique identification number issued to individuals and businesses by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). If you are living or doing business in Dubai, you may need to get a TRN Verification in Dubai in order to comply with the tax laws of the UAE.

You can apply for a TRN through the FTA website or at one of the FTA’s service centers. You can also contact Airzone to help you find the perfect business partner company set up in the UAE that can help you in every step of making your business successful in Dubai.