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The Dunes Have an Opportunity To Share

Each grain of sand carries a story. The United Arab Emirates is home to one of the largest desert areas in the world.

WIth 80% of the United Arab Emirates covered by the majestic sand dunes of the desert, it beholds a legacy of previous generations and how they evolved to be where they are today.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘’desert’’?

It could be heat, barren, dryness, scorch, cactus, or perhaps camels? Well all such thoughts are right but there is more to it. Do not underestimate the sandy dunes.

Interesting facts about a desert

– 1/5th of the earth is covered by desert in terms of land mass! 

– A piece of land is called a desert if it receives less than 250mm of rain annually

– The driest desert in the world is located in Chile, the Atacama Desert, only receiving 1mm of rain annually 

– Not all deserts are hot, some are the complete opposite. There are 2 types of deserts in the world – hot and cold! 

– Covering a massive 9.4 million square kilometres is the Sahara Desert in Africa, the largest hot desert in the world

– When it comes to the cold desert, the Arctic Deserts win the title of the largest cold desert in the world

– Known for its limited resources including rain, it is home to various species of plant and animals that thrive in this respective environment (a very famous example, the camel!)

– Hot desert temperatures range between 40-45 degrees Celsius during the day while cold desert temperature easily drops below 0 degrees Celsius at night

– Desert presence is scattered throughout the Arabian Peninsula, USA, Australia, South America and Africa
– There are 4 types of desert habitats: Oasis, dunes, desert, and arid

Image source: Unsplash

The deserts of the UAE

‘’The desert occupies the largest part of our country and is the factor with the deepest and far-reaching impact on our cultural history and social activity and tremendous influence in our economy. The desert is the source of water and natural wealth and an incubator of pasture and medical plants. It is the source of our home, life, identity and our future. It is land thriving with life.”

– In the words of the current ruler and UAE President, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

We can easily reflect on the importance and dearness the desert has to the citizens of the United Arab Emirates.

There are many deserts in the UAE such as:

  • Rub Al Khali (also known as ‘’Empty Quarter’’)
    Located within the capital city of Abu Dhabi, it lies in the south-western portion. 
  • Al Khatim Desert
    Located on the way to Al Ain from Abu Dhabi, it is reputable for being a prime location for off-road riding. It is common to see many 4×4 vehicles driving up and down the serene dunes.
  • Gulf of Oman Desert
    This desert is present in the United Arab Emirates and Oman. It is known for its habitat presence of mudflats, mangroves, shrubs and swamps.
  • Liwa Oasis
    The Liwa Oasis is a very interesting desert to mention, as it is home to multiple villages! 150km southwest from the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, it is 100km stretched east to west. 50 villages find the Liwa Oasis as their home. Date palm trees have made their presence known in the Liwa Oasis with an abundance of them. The Liwa Oasis is known for its impressive collection of sand dunes. The Moreeb Dune (also known as Tal Moreeb) is proposed to be the tallest sand dune in the United Arab Emirates. With 300 metres in altitude, 1600 metres long and 50 degree slope, it is an impressive dune to climb.

The Arabian Desert calls for business

Apart from the leisure activities the dunes host, the desert is known for being a source of various types of business activities.

Liwa Oasis is known for being a prime location for date farming. Dates are an integral part of the culture of the United Arab Emirates, used for edible and medicinal purposes.

Camel farms are popularly located across various deserts as it is their natural habitat. Camels farms are popular for their meat and milk production.

Image source: Unsplash

Let the sand dunes welcome your entrepreneurial spirit

Are you an existing or new entrepreneur with the passion running through your veins to bring value to the deserts of the United Arab Emirates?

Do you think you can complement the various types of untapped and existing opportunities?

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