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How to Get a Virtual Company License in Dubai

A virtual company license in Dubai is a type of business license that allows businesses to operate without a physical office space…

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How to Get a Restaurant License in Dubai?

The food and beverage industry in UAE is worth an estimated $20 billion, making it one of the largest industries in the…

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What Is a Flexi-Desk – Things to know to start a business in UAE

Flexi Desk is referred to as a “Smart Office” by the Dubai business sector. In Dubai, a Flexi-desk consists of a desk…

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Expo 2020 – Every Opportunity Seeker’s Dream

It all started in 2013. 5 countries, 1 will be selected to represent the World Expo. The 5 countries competing who will…

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5 Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea to Set up Your Company in UAE

Tax-free income. Ability to acquire assets. Open a bank account. Manifest more opportunities that come along the way. This is just a…

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The Dunes Have an Opportunity To Share

Each grain of sand carries a story. The United Arab Emirates is home to one of the largest desert areas in the…

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Find out how you can easily acquire a Freelancer Visa in Dubai

The Freelancer Visa Dubai - A trophy of benefits As the host of the Expo 2020, the UAE has bagged various work-related opportunities…

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Let Success Come To You

Learn and implement the best approach towards becoming a proactive entrepreneur ‍ By YOU taking the first step. Yes, it's YOU who…

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100% Foreign Ownership June 2021 Onward

Great News For Every Entrepreneur! ‍ The UAE has recently announced an amendment to the Commercial Companies Law by eliminating the need…

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