Find out how you can easily acquire a Freelancer Visa in Dubai

The Freelancer Visa Dubai – A trophy of benefits

As the host of the Expo 2020, the UAE has bagged various work-related opportunities that have further enabled many large-scaled companies to hire independent contractors and freelancers to fulfill the overwhelming demand of existing and emerging talent.

The UAE, also known as the United Arab Emirates is one of the most accelerating and modern economies in the Middle East. 

The freelancers are one of the most sought after types of employment in the UAE as it promotes flexibility and niche-specific task completion.

What is a freelancer

A freelancer in someone who:

  • Works for themselves, also known as self employment
  • Has full control over their work
  • Is not permanently hired or employed by a company. 
  • Caters projects of various variations of duration and tasks

Apart from the strong headed and determined impression portrayed from the mentioned characteristics, freelancing is a very independent-nature oriented type of employment. It is normal to appear solo when becoming a freelancer and independently receive and complete work.

Most common areas of freelance work

To keep up with global practices, the UAE was quick to recognize the benefits of hiring freelancers and has been emerging by growing the numbers of freelancers working legally in the UAE.

Freelance opportunities are available in almost every type of industry in the UAE. 

Here are some common examples of domains where freelancers can find opportunities:

  • Photography
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Web Development
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Among the actual freelance job descriptions, it is worthy to mention that creativity is the most sought after skill for any type of job.

The UAE is known for admiring and appreciating creativity, whether in the form of infrastructure, business processes or innovation.

How can I get a Freelancer Visa in Dubai

People from all over the world are attracted to the warm climate, tax-free incentives and endless opportunities to leverage in Dubai.

To get a Freelancer Visa in Dubai is as easy as it seems, if you plan well and do your homework about what is needed to complete paperwork and formalities.

It is crucial to understand the following:

  • The Freelancer License
    In order to qualify for a Freelancer Visa, you must clear the necessary formalities and acquire a Freelancer License first. The Freelancer License is a license that allows you to provide the respective type of freelancing activity you wish to pursue. Not every freelancing niche has the same requirements. It is a license that requires renewal according to your chosen plan.
    To know more about the Freelancer License visit here.
  • The UAE Free Zones
    There are more than 40 free zones stretched across the UAE. Each free zone caters a specific business niche. The Freelancer License is offered under the free zone business setup.
    To know more about the unique characteristics of the free zone business setup visit here.
  • Documentation
    Apart from the basics such as what is your proposed business name (which will require approval), type of freelancing activity and personal documentation, you must beforehand find out what information must be provided by you to be further processed. Are you feeling unsure of whether you know which documents you need? Contact us.
  • Licensing and visa fees
    Although the Freelancer License is a fixed amount, your visa cost is determined based on various factors.
    To know about how much your license and visa would cost you, contact us.

The Freelancer Visa is fantastic because you get to enjoy perks that otherwise can only be imagined! Our favorite: tax-free earnings!

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Some fun facts about freelancer free zones in the UAE

  • Shams Free Zone
    The Shams free zone is located in the Sharjah Media City. Sharjah is a cultural city of the UAE offering a unique insight into the cultural and media affairs in the emirate.
  • RAK (Ras Al Khaimah) Free Zone
    Located in Ras Al Khaimah, is an industrial hub and powerhouse for 50 industries.
  • You can only work in the designated free zone that caters your niche
    Example you are an avid promoter of innovation and sustainability, a free zone such as the Masdar Free Zone is an example of where you can apply for your license. You cannot apply for a license in a free zone location that does not match with your freelance expertise.
    To know about the remarkable Masdar Free Zone City in Abu Dhabi, click here.
  • The young blood run the force
    It is interesting to mention the impressive age bracket of freelancers is between 21-30 years old. Men account for 62% while women account for 38% of the freelancers workforce.

To know the fact that the number of opportunities keep growing, what is holding you back to acquire your dream freelance visa and license in the UAE?

By contacting Airzone, you save time and have your business license in no time!