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Emirates ID | All You Need to Know

The Emirates ID is a form of identification and gateway to avail of various services after becoming an official United Arab Emirates resident. It is received after certain steps are completed successfully. The first step is to have an official job or business license in the United Arab Emirates. For business setup, you can opt for a free zone or mainland license, depending upon your accessibility.

After the desired business license is received, the next step is successfully having a visa to enter the country. This is normally the case of having an entry permit. Before the entry permit expires, you are required to complete medical tests for Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, and AIDS. Then you are eligible to apply for a United Arab Emirates Resident Visa, which is a different type of visa and necessary to possess if you desire to be a resident of the United Arab Emirates. Once you have a valid United Arab Emirates Resident Visa, you are eligible to apply for an Emirates ID.

Emirates ID – A Brief Introduction 

  • This form of personal identification became a necessary requirement in 2013. 
  • It is a form of identification issued by the Government.
  • It is issued to everybody of all age groups, from infants to senior citizens.
  • It is issued to Emiratis and foreigners who have a valid UAE Resident Visa.
  • It is the main document for identification, represented as a smart card.
  • It is obligatory to possess, without it you cannot participate in activities or formalities needed as a UAE Resident.
  • Contains a chip that records your details (name, birth year, fingerprint scans etc)

Emirates ID – Application Process

With various technological advancements and improvements, it is now simpler and easier to apply for and check the status of your Emirates ID application.

Emirates ID – Fines

The United Arab Emirates is governed by various laws related to the welfare of its citizens. When a person commits an offense or act that does not comply with the law, an Emirates ID fine is imposed.

With the smart Emirates ID, it is simple to follow up or find out if you have been issued a fine, for which offense and how much is to be paid.

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Emirates ID – Renewal

The Emirates ID is valid between 1-3 years, depending on multiple factors. Once expired, a grace period is offered to swiftly renew the Emirates ID. If the needed steps are not taken within the grace period, a fine is issued everyday until it is renewed.

It is necessary to be well versed about the Emirates ID renewal process.

Emirates ID – Lost/Stolen/Misplaced

There are situations where unexpectedly your or someone who you know has an Emirates ID that gets lost, stolen or misplaced.

In such a situation, it is advisable to follow the outlined procedures:

  • Alert the situation to the relevant authorities
    In this case, immediately contact the nearest ICP Customer Happiness Centre. When your lost or stolen case is recorded, your card will be inactive immediately. If your Emirates ID is damaged, bring the damaged card along for replacement. When reporting your case you must bring documents that confirm your identity and support the case:

– Emiratis must provide an original valid passport and a family book.

– GCC nationals must provide documents proving their residency in the UAE.

– Expatriate residents have to provide their original passport stamped with a valid residency permit.

– If the lost ID is for a child under 15 years of age, the parent must share an original birth certificate and colored passport photo with a white background.

  • Apply for the Emirates ID replacement
    Complete the needed formalities and submit an application form at your nearest ICP’s Customer Happiness Centres. Another option is to fill the eForm on the ICP website. Or you can simply download and complete the same formalities on the ICP UAE app. 
  • Pay the fees
    The charges and fees accompanied with the complaint range case to case. Basic fees are as follows:
    – AED 300 for replacement of a lost or damaged ID,
    – AED 70 for application fees when applying at a typing centre
    – AED 40 for applying through the eForm on the ICP website
    – AED 150 charges apply for express ID replacement at the ICP main’s Customer Happiness Centre 
  • Collect your new ID card

An SMS notification from ICP will be sent to you regarding updates of your application such as confirmation and when your request will be complete. It is advised to get in touch with Emirates Post for card receiving after knowing when your card will be ready through SMS text from ICP.

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Emirates ID – 15 Unique Digits

This section talks about understanding the numbers chosen for your unique Emirates ID card.

15 digits are divided into 4 sections. Each section is interpreted as follows:

  • The first section showcases the UAE international code, which is 784. It is the same structure for every Emirates ID.
  • The second part normally pairs with your birth year or other unique fact
  • The third part comprises of 7 digits randomly chosen by the system that generates the unique numerical ID
  • The fourth and last part is 1 digit representing a verification number chosen from the numbers 0 to 9

Every Emirates ID holder receives a uniquely generated Emirates ID number. It does not change, which means when the card is to be renewed, the number on the card stays the same. In a case where you cancel your card or have to leave the country, if you decide to start a new chapter in the United Arab Emirates, your Emirates ID number will stay the same.

Emirates ID – Information Amends

In case you feel the need to make changes to the details of your Emirates ID (e.g in the case of marriage) all you need to do is make the required request to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. 150 AED will be charged along an additional 70 AED in a personal application is submitted through the service center. A 40 AED fee will be charged if done in the case of online application. 

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