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E-Channel in UAE: How to Register, Fees & everything you need to know

Over the last 40 years, the UAE has transformed into a popular destination for expatriates, entrepreneurs, migrant workers, and travelers alike. Much of the country’s development and transformation into a global hub is attributed to the migrant policy offered by the government.

Technology adoption has enabled the UAE government to facilitate migrants and tourists further to easily acquire immigration and visa services through its ‘Echannel UAE’ platform. The e-channel service was developed to be an efficient platform that makes visa & residence permit issuance transparent, centralized, and faster.  

Our guide looks at what the UAE’s E-channel system is, how it benefits applicants, and how to register with the E-Channel UAE portal.  

What is the E-channel UAE system?

The E-Channel UAE system is a centralized digital services portal designed by the UAE government to facilitate residence permit registration, visa application & processing, and other immigration services. 

The E-Channel UAE visa portal was developed in 2021 when the government established the Smart Services with Future vision. The government designed the portal to deliver the best government services to achieve the UAE Vision 2021. 

The channel removes the need for human interactions, speeding the process of residence permits and visa authorizations while providing users with all the necessary information they require to live in the UAE. The immigration system is currently active across 6 of the 7 emirates, where Dubai and Abu Dhabi use their own signature portals.

Benefits Of E-Channel System In UAE

The UAE E-Channel offers applicants a long list of benefits, making residence, work, and tourism more accessible. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the attractive benefits: 

  • More convenient & efficient application processing
  • Quick visa processing 
  • Centralized digital portal for all immigration, residency, visa, and related services 
  • Reduced administrative processes for approval 
  • No need for extensive paperwork 
  • Promotes digital government initiatives to save time & resources

E-channel Registration in UAE

The UAE E-Channel registration process has been simplified to ensure individuals and businesses alike can quickly be onboarded. Below we have mentioned the stepwise registration process.

Step 01 – Choose An Entity 

The first step is to choose the entity type that you want to register as. This can be as an individual or an enterprise.

Step 02 – Provide Email Authentication 

Once you click the Register button, an email is sent to you for authentication and provides the remaining process through a link.

Step 03 – Register E-Channel User Details

The next step is to complete the user registration details for your e-channel portal account. The process offers guidelines and can be completed relatively quickly.

Step 04 – Complete the registration process and confirm the account

Once the details are completed, click the ‘register button’ to complete the E-channel account creation. An email will also be sent to you to confirm the successful account creation on the portal.

Step 05 – Log in to the UAE E-Channel System

Congratulations, your account is now set to go, and you’re ready for the next steps! Just hit “Start Service” on the e-channel immigration system so that you can start filling in all of your application details. Don’t forget to include documents such as passport copies and photographs when necessary. After taking care of payments, it won’t be long until a confirmation email regarding your service request arrives right in your mailbox – easy peasy!

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E-Channel Fees

The UAE E-Channel portal registration requires a registration fee and a security deposit which is refundable. The registration fee to create your account is AED 2,300, and the refundable deposit is approximately AED 5,300. You should also expect an annual renewal fee for the E-channel service. 

The E-Channel Dubai and Abu Dhabi may have different cost structures due to their hosting independent authorities for immigration services.


The E-Channel UAE services portal is a revolutionary way to quickly get residence and visa for the United Arab Emirates. This state-of-the-art online system not only simplifies the process but also ensures extremely accurate results that allow individuals easy access to this breathtaking country.

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